Refund Policy

Your Order.
Your order constitutes an offer from you to purchase goods or services at the prices indicated. Your offer to purchase your order is not accepted by us until you receive an order confirmation. At any time after receipt of your order, we may accept, decline, or place quantity or other limits on your order for any reason. We may impose these limits on a per-person, per-household, per-order, or any other reason. If we reject, limit, or otherwise modify your order, we will attempt to notify you using the email address you provide to us. If we cancel an order or part of an order that we have already charged you for, we’ll refund you the full amount of the canceled portion of the order consistent with our Returns & Exchanges Policy.

In the event that you do not wish to be bound by our Dispute Resolution Policy, then you must notify us in writing that you are exercising your right to opt-out within thirty (30) days following the acceptance of these Terms for disputes related to or arising from your use of the TV and Cable Services Site or within thirty (30) days of placement of your order for disputes related to or arising from any products or services ordered on the TV and Cable Services Site. If you wish to exercise your right to opt-out, please follow the steps outlined in our Dispute & Resolution Policy.

Labor Only. Except where specifically stated, parts and accessories, including but not limited to cables, cords, etc., are not included. Labor beyond the scope of work for the Service, which we may not be able to perform, may incur an additional charge.

Nonrefundable Charges. Service fees, costs, and charges are nonrefundable once the Service begins.

PC/Tablet/Smart Phone Access and Use. Some Services may require access to your PC, tablet, or smartphone. We may use tools we deem necessary for diagnostics and repair, including remote access. We may install software that allows you to obtain additional technology services or functionality. For software installations, you authorize us to and agree that we may accept End User License Agreements on your behalf.

Pets. We require that you safely and comfortably secure any and all pets prior to and during the duration of the Service appointment.

Phone Calls and Texting. You authorize us and our affiliates and third-party representatives, to contact you: (i) regarding your account, your order status, scheduling Service appointments, Service requirements, and follow-up after or regarding your Service appointment; (ii) to recover any unpaid portion of any obligation to us or our affiliates; and/or (iii) for any other purpose not prohibited by applicable law. In each case, such contact may be made by any means not prohibited by applicable law (including, without limitation, an automated dialing or prerecorded messaging system) at the telephone number(s) that you provide to us, including, without limitation, any mobile telephone number(s). You acknowledge and agree that you do not need to provide a mobile telephone number to receive Services. For the avoidance of doubt, with respect to any land-based telephone number(s) that you provide to us, you acknowledge and agree that we and our affiliates and third-party representatives, may contact you by any means not prohibited by applicable law (including, without limitation, an automated dialing or prerecorded messaging system) with offers, solicitations, and promotions, except as prohibited by applicable law. Voice and data rates apply.

Photos and Videos. In situations where it is necessary or warranted, we may take, transmit, store, and use photos and/or video of your product(s) (including its contents, connected products, accessories, and surroundings) for Service, Service Warranty, and/or quality assurance purposes.

Plaster. Services involving installation or work on plaster surfaces may result in cracking or chipping. While we will take all reasonable efforts to prevent or minimize that possibility, we are not responsible for any cracking or chipping that may occur as a result of the Service(s).

Safety. We require a safe working environment and reserve the right to refuse or reschedule Service(s) due to conditions we deem dangerous, unsafe, or hazardous, including, but not limited to, possible code violations, extreme temperatures, natural disasters, or other hazards – real or perceived.

Service Appointments. Service appointments are scheduled at the time you place your order. During the service appointment, the TV and Cable Services technician will deliver your product or device (unless you did not order the product or device on our TV and Cable Services Site at the time you ordered the Service), install, set up, and configure your device, and show you how to use the product or device, as well as any related features and applications. Prior to your scheduled service appointment, TV and Cable Services will contact you: (i) the day before your service appointment; (ii) the morning of your service appointment; and (iii) one (1) hour before the estimated arrival window of your service appointment.

Service Changes, Cancellations, and Fees. Once your order is placed, you may only make Service changes, Service appointment changes, and cancellations by calling us or by email to: customersupport@TV and Cable For Service cancellations or to reschedule your Service appointment, please contact us at least twelve (12) hours prior to your service appointment. If you fail to cancel your Service appointment prior to TV and Cable Services’ arrival for your Service appointment or no adult is present at the Service location, you may be charged a $35 USD “Failed Service Appointment Fee” to the payment information on file with us.

Your Data and Software. You are solely responsible for backing up any data and software on your product or removing any media (e.g., memory card) prior to Service. We will NOT back up any data or software and we are not responsible for the loss, alteration, or corruption of any data, software, or lost media. We may request your user name and password for your product in order to perform the Service. You agree to change all product passwords after the Service is complete and you release us from any claims, losses, or damages resulting from the failure to do so.




This Returns and Refunds Policy applies to all services ordered from the TV and Cable Services Site.

Returns: We will initiate your refund 14 days after your original appointment date. You may contact us to schedule a new appointment date or to request initiation of your refund prior to the expiration of the 14-day window. Shipping fees are non-refundable